Vogue Rochester: Black Excellence

Billed as one of Black Pride Week’s most anticipated events, Thursday’s Vogue Rochester was a party to remember. Created in November of 2014, Vogue was designed to build safe spaces for black queer people of color to let loose and come together.

While the event began at ten, attendees poured in closer midnight laughing, hugging and, of course, dancing.

In addition to providing a space for open expression, Vogue also offered prizes to all who showed up and showed out on the spacious dance floor. Cash prizes were given in multiple categories to anyone on the floor making it a competitive but fun atmosphere. The venue, Athology, located in Rochester’s East End, boasted a full bar, VIP section complete with complimentary bottles of champaign and open floor for everyone to enjoy.

Music by DJ Griffs, who is the official DJ of Rochester Black Pride, kept everyone on their feet.

At the entrance, researchers from the University of Rochester offered $15 to those willing to take a survey on HIV awareness and treatment. By The research is part of an ongoing study by local and like other Black Pride events, contraceptives and literature on the city’s MOCHA center were readily available.

But, the highlight of the evening? Queer people of color celebrating Black Pride. The more people that arrived, the more you got the feeling everyone knew each other. Whether it was hugs, waves or selfes at the bar, everyone showed nothing but love at this annual celebration of Black Pride

Black Pride extends until August 13, with events throughout the week. For more information check out their facebook page at www.facebook.com/RocBlackPride/ or the mocha website at www.mochacenter.org.

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