#UNameIt: Pastor Shirley Caesar Opens Merchandise Store

Credit: #UNameIt store

Credit: #UNameIt store

A few weeks ago, Pastor Shirley Caesar lit up social media with the #UNameIt Challenge. The clip of her listing various foods to a fly beat became a dance sensation and a tune every freestyler in America couldn’t wait to flow over.

And now Caesar has opened an online merchandise store just in time for the holidays. The store features everything from t-shirts and hoodies to coffee mugs and the money will go to her ministries and fighting hunger, she stated online.

“I’m so happy to see everyone enjoying the remix of my song,” she stated on the store’s site. “Let’s use this for something good and bring beans, greens, potatoes and tomatoes to those without this holiday season. Shop #UNameIt gear and proceeds will go to feeding families in need.”

And orders have been flying in. While just visiting the website for 10 minutes, five orders were placed and shoppers can see orders being placed in real time all around the nation.

We are especially happy for Caesar because while black people have inspired a number of viral trends, there is rarely a cent that comes from it. Social media sites rarely monetizes content, but Caesar’s attempt to not only monetize her popularity but essentially have control over the merchandise is a clever move we need to see more of.

But it’s not just all a money grab. In fact, she’s offering a free mug if you pay shipping. Oh, and there’s free shipping on orders over $50 so bless your friends and family this holiday season.

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