Stop Caring About Men Wearing Rompers

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last few days, I’m going to assume you are all aware of the latest fashion controversy for men: rompers.

I just heard about this the day before yesterday when someone messaged me asking if I thought it was dumb. My response?

I honestly couldn’t care less. It is ridiculous to me that in 2017 we still feel the need to police what other people wear. When will this stop? Why does anyone care?

Are the men wearing rompers personally hurting you? Are they causing you physical or mental harm based on what they choose to don on any given day?

If they are more comfortable why on Earth does it matter what anyone else thinks about what they are wearing? Are people so insecure with masculinity and their own lives that they need to bash what other people are wearing on the internet? The Detroit Free Press published an article in their life section asking men to “please stop wearing those ridiculous rompers.” The Daily Beast wrote an article titled “The Male Romper Has Come to Claim your Masculinity.”

Yes, there are children dying throughout the world of starvation, there’s a chance Russia interfered with our presidential election and racism is alive and well in nearly every facet of our society. But we’re devoting our time and effort to shaming men for wearing an incredibly comfortable, cute piece of clothing?

Then, on my drive home a radio host was talking about the latest craze. I swear to you when I say the host actually said “You let your man look like that?”

That’s right. You let your man look like that. Let.

First off, I don’t “let my man” do anything. He’s a grown adult. He has the capability to make decisions himself, and that includes dressing himself. If he wants to wear a romper I would probably help pick out the shoes that would best go with it.

Secondly, if my husband were to wear something I didn’t think looked the best on him, I would honestly say that, but with very little expectation he would not wear it. What I think of what he wears is insignificant. What he thinks of what I wear is insignificant.

It is his body. I want him to be comfortable and confident in whatever he wears. If that’s a romper, high heels, a dress or some great looking lipstick then good for him. I cannot figure out what that has to do with me or anyone else whatsoever.

You want to wear cargo shorts because they’re great to work in and have plenty of pockets to hold things? Awesome. You like fedoras because you think they add a nice flare to your outfit? Rock it, boo.Finally, let’s not forget that traditionally, men wore rompers all throughout history, specifically as bathing suits. I find it so odd we think people should or shouldn’t wear something because it’s “feminine” or “masculine.” Heels were originally a male accessory. Throughout history, women didn’t wear pants or shorts, but primarily skirts and dresses. The list goes on.

The point is, fashion is continually evolving and changing as people branch out and wear things they feel comfortable or good looking in. Why is this any different?

A little advice for people who aren’t a fan of the romper trend: don’t wear one. As for what everyone else wears or does, get over yourself. Get a hobby and stop telling people what they should or shouldn’t wear. There are more important things in life.

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