ROConnoisseur: Bringing the Rochester Food Scene to Life

13692959_1669132056742447_365015544950229801_oThere is no shortage of great food in Rochester and where there’s great food, there are always people showing it off. Voted 11th best city for foodies by finance website WalletHub, creative food lovers are clamoring to capture this city one foodie Instagram photo at a time.

But one local resident is looking to bring this scene to life.

Casey Bowker is the man behind ROConnoisseur, a 12 week video series featuring some of the regions most popular dining destinations and hidden gems. The show, which is expected to air this summer, follows Bowker as he interviews restaurateurs about what goes into their favorite recipes, tries what’s on tap or discovers how New York’s staple foods are made, a concept that you can’t find this close to home.

“In the Western New York area, there is no one else doing a hosted food and beverage series. You either learn about eateries …from an article in the paper, a segment in the news, or from a local food blogger taking a picture on Instagram,” said Bowker who records hours of footage that is edited to fit a four to five minute episode.

Holding a degree in Cinematography and Film Production from the University at Buffalo, Bowker does step behind the camera, managing and direct some scenes of ROConnoisseur. He sees the show as a blend between Food Network sensation Diners- Drive-ins and Dives with the production value of Netflix series Chef’s Table, but, it isn’t a one man show.

ROConnoisseur works with other local film production and editing companies to create the show. Bowker also works with business partner and executive producer Amy Riposo who thinks his on screen talent is what people will connect with the most.

“Casey is a natural in front of the camera…you can’t help but like him. He is always smiling and you feel like he is someone you want to get recommendations from and see where he goes next.” Said Riposo, who also owns local company Rochester-A-List. A-List is also helping promote the show by connecting Bowker to food lovers, new restaurateurs and entrepreneurs through her exclusive events.

The duo is hoping their idea and Casey’s style will take the show to the next level. The first season will be available online but, Bowker is working to get a second season to local television. Currently building buzz through the ROConnisuer website and social media pages, it is clear to see his followers are excited about the food but, Bowker believes the stories are what will make the show.

“The most interesting part of my adventures, is meeting the people behind their creations. They are excited to share what they make to the world, and I’m excited to share their stories.” Said Bowker who has a goal to encourage Western New Yorkers to seek out places they may have overlooked.

While the episodes have not aired yet, you can keep up with Casey online at You can also follow his adventures while filming on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook at @ROConnoisseur .

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