Rochester Primary Winners: The Full List

voterstickerRochester voters hit the polls yesterday to choose their democratic candidates. The winners will head to the November ballot and compete against candidates from other parties.

A couple of standout facts about this election? The turnout was higher than Rochester’s last mayoral election year, according to the Democrat and Chronicle. This may be because of all the discussion drummed up by the debate in the last few days or the amount of new energy generated by challengers to City Council. For the most part, incumbents stayed in office but there were a couple challengers who managed to fight their way in. Check out the full list of winners:

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Mayor: Lovely A. Warren 

This was perhaps the biggest race in the area. Challenged by James Sheppard, a former police chief, and Rachel Barnhart, a former journalist, the mayor pulled off a large victory, taking more than 60 percent of the vote. Sheppard pulled roughly 22 percent and Rachel Barnhart just 16 percent.

Screen Shot 2017-09-11 at 10.32.42 AM“We had a positive message,” said Warren in a speech after her victory. She said her challengers tries to distort that message but ultimately her campaign prevailed.

City Council: Loretta Scott, Malik Evans, Willie Lightfoot Jr., Jackie Ortiz, and Mitch Gruber

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City Council was another hot race all summer, if only because there were so many challengers. By Primary Day there were 13. There were also big issues like Parcel 5, police accountability and future development looming, which kept City Council in voters’ minds.

Gruber managed to grab a seat, though other popular challengers Shawn Dunwoody and Mary Lupien did not. Former Councilmember Dana Miller lost his seat.

School Board: Van White, Cynthia Elliot and Natalie Sheppard

This low-key race impacts the future of Rochester students. Incumbents Van White and Cynthia Elliot were able to keep their seats and they’re now joined by newcomer Natalie Sheppard.


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