Pipernilli Creator: Eat for Energy, Focus, Health

During the month of January, Open Mic Rochester has been promoting stress-free living in collaboration with Crown of Courage. Through the hashtag #StressFreeBlackGirlChallenge, movement creator Tiffany Shivers hopes to inspire black girls and women to focus on their mental health. Black women across the nation are encouraged to relax, take time off and focus on themselves- and also document how for social media.

“Whether it’s eating healthy, taking time to read a book, or take a day off,” she said in a January interview with OM. “I want women to really show how they’re doing self-care.”

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We recently reached out to Pipernilli, a vegan dessert company based in Brooklyn to better understand the correlation between eating better and mental health. We can’t all take the time to read a book or take a day off but good food can help keep your hard days from being so taxing on your mental health.

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