Open Mic Rochester launches GoFundMe Effort

It’s all about building community. That’s the motive behind Open Mic Rochester’s unique fundraising campaign. For several months, staff at the online magazine will simultaneously raise money for downtown-based newsroom space and media equipment and also give back to local organizations.

In a GoFundMe effort that launched Monday, several Rochester-based centers and community groups will receive free books, services or advertisement as funds are raised for Open Mc.  540WMain, Open Door Mission and several schools are just some of the organizations to partner with the campaign.

The total goal is 15-thousand dollars and there are community-oriented rewards for several donation levels. For a donation of $50, the magazine donates 10 books to a local youth group or school. For $200, donors can place or gift an ad to a local business and for $1,000 the staff will be raffled off for a day of community service.

“We did this for free for two years essentially,” said Open Mic Editor-in-Chief Tianna Mañón. “We didn’t want to ask for money but we realized we could be doing so much more if we just had the money.”

“But  you don’t spend two years covering the community and not want to give back. This campaign is really driven by our love for Rochester and what we’ve seen through our coverage.”

Some of the other rewards for donating include: free t-shirts, reading to local classrooms and stickers. Here is a full media kit.


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