No, Ben Carson, Slaves Were DEFINITELY NOT Immigrants

ben-carson-photo-resizedjpegImagine that your favorite restaurant stopped serving your favorite lunch special. I mean you’ve been going there for years and you respected the placed because of it. You told all your friends about it and it was the pride of the neighborhood. One day they change the recipe… and it’s never the same. Let me tell you, Ben Carson is that damn lunch special.

I can’t name a black child in a public school that didn’t read or hear about Gifted Hands. This book was the mini manual on how to be great despite all the bad things that can happen in life. Even if your mother was a thirteen-year-old bride that married a bigamist. Even if you grew up in Detroit during a time when your teachers got mad at the white kids because you excelled them. Yes, this all happened to Ben Carson, yet for some reason, it feels like he either forgot he was a poor, black kid or somebody snatched his body and replaced it with someone else because he recently set off most of America when he compared slaves to immigrants.

Since he became a politician, much of the African- American community has written him off. I myself, have denounced him of his Detroit card, while Twitter decided to trade him in the racial draft and uninvited him to all the cookouts.

Here is the problem- an immigrant makes the choice that they want to leave the place where they were born and look for a better life in another country. They take time and save money or in many cases come over on a ship with all their family and bloodline intact. That is the rough definition of an immigrant but I’m not here to define that because there should be no question that an immigrant and a slave aren’t comparable- especially when compared to American slavery, one of the nastiest forms to exist in all of mankind. Ben Carson, you crazy if you thought it was OK to use the word “immigrant” and “slave” in the same sentence.

His exact quote was, “There were other immigrants who came here in the bottom of slave ships, worked even longer, even harder for less. But they too had a dream that one day their sons, daughters, grandsons, granddaughters, great-grandsons, great-granddaughters, might pursue prosperity and happiness in this land.”

So, I will say this a million times over and to anyone that questions it. SLAVES WERE NOT AND ARE NOT IMMIGRANTS.

Carson who sent you? We all need answers. The major problem with this is people want to respect him because of his past and his great work in surgery, but saying things that are demeaning to your cultural background is shameful, especially when they’re false narratives. You will never hear a white politician call white people savages. They came to America, stole land, raped, killed and enslaved people for their own gain, then called themselves the owners. How can someone be so quick to disrespect their own history to satisfy, what you thought, was the majority in the room? We were all counting on you. Looking up to you and he ended up being a new lunch special with a bad flavor.

The Department of Housing and Urban development called it the most “cynical interpretation.” How else would you interpret it? There isn’t any reason slavery should have even come up in the conversation to a group of HUD employees. Slaves were stolen from their homeland, ripped from their family and, in many cases, sold by their own people for profit. The only dream a slave could have was to be returned back home and, after being here so long, dream of freedom. So, I will say this a million times over and to anyone that questions it. SLAVES WERE NOT AND ARE NOT IMMIGRANTS. When people outside the black community here this we need them to understand that what Ben Carson is doing is misinformed and not a current representation of what any politician should be ok with saying, let alone a black one. Ben, I want to love you because you separated those twins but I can’t respect you until you remember where you came from.

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