Mikaila Ulmer, Creator of Me & The Bees Lemonade Speaks at Boys & Girls Club

IMG_3649The Boys & Girls Club was alive with activity.
Kids were running, playing, there was even a Flag football game going in the gym.  A young man was practicing the piano in the Club’s recording room, while after-school tutoring and a late lunch went on.

It was beautiful to see kids running around being kids and not worrying about North Korea…Charlottesville..rent… bullies..I can go on.

But I was there to see and interview a Mikaila Ulmer. A young lady of about these children’s same age who somehow balances her childhood with running Me & the Bees Lemonade. Oh and she’s been an entrepreneur since age 4.

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Me & the Bees Lemonade is a bottled lemonade line sold in Whole Foods Markets across  the nation. It’s sweetened with honey and offers other funky flavors like mint, prickly pear, ginger, and a half tea option. 10 percent of the profits go to organization fighting to save bees which experts have said are threatened.

She brought her energy,experience and enthusiasm to the Boys & Girls Club to let her peers know that entrepreneurism has “NO” age limit or requirement.  The kids from the Boys & Girls Club did not disappoint, they had their flyers in hand about Ulmer and waited patiently to come in and get a seat and find out more about Ulmer and her pursuits.  I (a  grown-up in every definition of the word) was also excited to meet Mikalia. I’d seen her on ABC’s Sharktank, where she struck a deal with Daymon John of FUBU fame.

“I didn’t expect my company to get this large from when I was four. Actually when I was four I started it as a hobby,” she said. “But now [it’s] national. International. So it’s very surprising but we’re going to keep on advancing our company. Growing it. It’s been an awesome experience.”

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Her business is a family affair with her parents D’Andra Ulmer and Theo Ulmer as well as her brother Jacob. Her mother D’Andra, is actually originally from the Buffalo area.  One of the reason Ulmer and her family was here was to launch her lemonade in the Buffalo area Whole Foods Market.

After her speech, Ulmer offered advice to other young entrepreneurs

“If you want to grow your company you have to look to your parents, to your friends, to other people. Other entrepreneurs. You need expertise and you need mentorship. That’s one of the big things I’ve learned.”

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