Looking to Grow Your Business? Applications are Open for the Business Opportunities Program

Small business owners, this program is for you. The Business Opportunities Program (BOP) is an 18-week program held twice per year. You get access to local experts and business owners to ask questions that can help you get your business off the ground or soaring to new heights.

“Business owners are taken through the process of preparing for business, finding business, getting business, working the business and funding the business,” explained Kim Mitchell, training coordinator for the program. “…Programs like this are vital for small businesses because they provide a safe environment for them to learn everything they didn’t know about running a business but were afraid to ask.”

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That includes: procurement, business development, capital financing. You get to ask the experts these questions and walk away more knowledgeable and comfortable running your business.

“Small businesses are the foundation of the economy in this country,” said Mitchell. “The goal of our program is to assist these businesses to build their capacity and become high-functioning business entities. As they build capacity and hire a workforce directly from their community, that community gets energized and everyone benefits. Every transaction at these businesses contributes to their longevity and the growth of the surrounding community.”

Mitchell is discussing the economic benefits of small companies. They may hire fewer employees than huge businesses like Wal-Mart or fast food places but more of the dollars spent at the local place go back into the community.

Mitchell urges people to check out the program, saying: “If you are a small business that has at least a DBA and one client in your business name and you’re serious about taking your business to the next level, you can’t afford not to register for the Instructional Series. The only cost is your time and the benefits will last far longer than 18 weeks.”

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Overall, black businesses are on the rise but are still far behind the rates of other minorities, according to Fortune. And it’s no wonder. Black entrepreneurs have had to deal with institutional racism for centuries that kept them from getting loans to start businesses or top-notch shop location.

Programs like BOP can help minority businesses get back on track. And after the completion of the program, participants are partnered with a mentor to help them continue growing as an entrepreneur.

The deadline for the program is Feb 7. Check it out here.


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