Local Poet Releases New Book Series

The Rebel Flower Bomb celebrates her book release at the 1872 Cafe. Credit: Michele Ashlee

The Rebel Flower Bomb celebrates her book release at the 1872 Cafe. Credit: Michele Ashlee

Gianni White is on top of the world right now.

As the Rebel Flower Bomb, the 26-year-old writer has become famous for her poetry and music, but over the weekend, she celebrated the release of her book “The Heartbrache Series,” which explores her lessons learned in love and life.

“The Rebel Flower Bomb is more than a poet.”

But don’t get it twisted- this isn’t just poem after poem about romantic relationships. White does write about these relationships but she also looks at losing her grandmother and the heartbreak from this. What it means to be left behind, disrespected and left out. She also uses the book to share new pain- discussing her parents and familial pain. “She spells heartbrache with an ache to emphasize the residuals of pain. Though you may break a bone, you will always be reminded of the time when you were injured. It’s life,” states the website for her book. 

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White held the release at the 1872 Cafe on W. Main Avenue and offered refreshments, photography and a relaxed, chill time. People who purchased tickets beforehand were also able to get a copy of her book.

“The Rebel Flower Bomb is more than a poet,” states her website. “She uses poetry as her platform and lives it as a lifestyle. Her goal and intentions are to touch the minds and hearts of her audience. Most of all, she wants to leave a lasting impression on each individual that hears her.”

White was raised by her grandparents. But when her grandfather died, it pushed her into poetry. She used her power on language to explore her pain- as she continues to do now. This brought her to the Roc Bottom Slam Team, where she joined other spoken word poets to compete locally and in the region.

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“The Rebel Flower Bomb left the slam team and scene officially in March of 2015 [to begin her] journey as an indie poet rather Spoken Word Artist. She has headlined many events and performed for schools, organizations, weddings, birthdays and funerals,” her website states.”

For more information on the Heartbrache Series or to purchase a copy, please visit its website. 

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