iRocLove: 101 Couple Photoshoot

Christine and Eric Franklin founded iRocLove and said they're excited to show off 101 married couples. Credit: Tianna Mañón

Christine and Eric Franklin founded iRocLove and said they’re excited to show off 101 married couples. Credit: Tianna Mañón

Let the media tell it and love is impossible to find. With the divorce rate above 50 percent, many believe a true partnership is just out of reach.

But Eric and Christine Franklin do believe in love and the power of marriage and to counteract negative images, they’re hosting a photoshoot to show off the many couples in the area deeply in love.

On Saturday, the Franklins will hold the iRocLove 101 Couples photoshoot, which will bring together married, engaged and serious couples into one portrait. The couples will be asked to wear a shirt representing the number of years they’ve been together. The portrait will be taken at Genesee Valley Park at 11 a.m. by Todd E Media

“We want to show a positive image of marriage,” said Eric. “It’s to show people right here in Rochester we have some successful marriages. People are really making it happen and raising families.”

The goal is to not only empower married couples but to encourage marriage.

Marriage isn’t a ball and chain if you do it the right way. -Franklin

And they’ll tell you straight up: divorce isn’t an option. Unlike more than half of couples today, the Franklins said they believe in the power of vows and the need to work through everything “’til death do us part.” It doesn’t mean everything is “peaches and cream” as Christine said but that the marriage and being together is worth the effort. She said it’s this fighting spirit and desire to work through things she wants to help others use.

The two also believe you can’t have a 100 percent success rate without the inclusion of God; pray together, they said, stay together.

They said they eventually hope to make the photoshoot a large one, drawing inspiration from iRoc Women, a photoshoot for 100 Rochester-area women that ended up drawing over 2,000.

“We got iRocLove, it’s a lowercase I which means, it’s not about me and the ‘roc’ is of course Rochester so we don’t want to forget where we came from and love is just everything. It flowed,” said Eric. However, they said they’re aiming for 101 couples just to make it larger but are happy with any turnout.

“It’s our first year, so we know next year will be bigger,” said Christine.

To register for the photoshoot and purchase your shirt, visit their website. For more details about iRocLove, visit their Facebook page.

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