Henrietta Supervisor Comments Could Affect Business, No Plans to Resign

Credit: Henrietta Town site.

Credit: Henrietta Town site.

Henrietta Supervisor Jack Moore is no stranger to controversy. He’s been accused of making derogatory comments to his employees and recently the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission found there is “reasonable cause to believe Moore discriminated and retaliated…on account of sex, race and filing of previous EEOC charges.”

The accusers include Barbara Bresnan, a town mechanic  who filed a EEOC suit because she said Moore made sexist comments and treated her differently based on her gender. She said her annual evaluations showed no errors with her work. Besides his treatment to individuals, Moore was also accused of making inappropriate remarks.

“This desk is heavier than ten dead niggers,” he once stated, according to the ruling, and when faced with two women with the same name, he allegedly differentiated them based on their chest size.

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Last Friday, the local Democratic Party shared the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission ruling which stated there’s “direct evidence of bias” from Moore to town employees. However, town lawyers have clarified the ruling means there’s enough evidence to go to trial. The ruling itself is not enough to unequivocally state Moore was discriminatory.

The Town long ago denied the validity of any of the charges. Indeed, some of these claims are literally several years old. The EEOC determinations did not determine that discrimination took place. The determination means that the claims may go to the next phase, potentially to a lawsuit. In fact, we do not even know at this time if they will go to suit. If they do, the Town and the Town Supervisor look forward to defending the claims before a neutral tribunal and establishing that no unlawful discrimination took place.”

While some Henrietta residents have spoken out in support of Moore, there is a bubbling social media campaign to target Gro-Moore Farms, his family’s business.

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Halloween is around the corner and the farm is a hot spot for fall activities and pumpkin picking. A number of elementary school students visit the farms as a class field trip but now social media users are saying the farm doesn’t deserve their money: “He does not deserve our kids’ money and our patronage.”

Last Friday, his Democratic challenger and other candidates for Henrietta town positions stated they don’t believe he will resign. And Jack Moore himself has said he has no plan to resign.

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“I would like to see the voters make a choice. I’d like to see the voters vote him out more than him step down,” said Steven Schultz, challenger for Town Supervisor.

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