Flu Cases Leap in Monroe County

thermometer-temperature-fever-fluWe’re about four months into flu season and headed for the peak season. And according to the Monroe County Health Department, influenza, or the flu, is zipping around Monroe County.

Reported cases more than doubled from the prior week. As of December 23, there have been 365 laboratory confirmed cases of flu in Monroe County, with 109 requiring hospitalization,” states a report from the County.

And the actual number could be higher. According to the same report, doctors sometimes just go on the symptoms, never confirming with a lab test.

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“These precautions are particularly important if you have infants or older individuals in your household,” -Mendoza

Flu is a contagious virus that can cause fever, body aches, cough and fatigue. But it’s contagious even before you display symptoms and can be spread by a cough or a sneeze. It has an abrupt onset, meaning you feel it almost immediately and the symptoms can be severe. It’s especially dangerous for babies and toddlers, the elderly and ill.

“While flu has been around for a month or so, it is circulating at a very high level at this time, so Monroe County residents should be particularly cautious now. Wash your hands thoroughly and frequently, stay home from work or school if sick, and be sure to cover your cough to prevent spreading germs to family and friends,” said Dr. Michael MendozaMonroe County Health Commissioner. 

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The County recommends residents get vaccinated and practice good hygiene.

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Data from NYS.



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