E’rouse Lingerie Show Brings Color to Elizabethan Era

Erin Nesmith introduces the audiences to her E'rouse Lingerie line at the art showcase

Erin Nesmith introduces the audiences to her E’rouse Lingerie line at the art showcase

With art at City Hall and the Memorial Art Gallery, Erin Nesmith is perhaps one of the fastest-growing local artists. Nesmith is a visual artist, using paint and canvas or cloth to show the beauty in women. Her art is erotic but it’s passionate and on Sunday, she combined lingerie and history for the E’rouse Lingerie and Art Showcase.

“Tonight is the showcase of my first lingerie and art collection,” she said at the show. “I combined lingerie and art by creating lingerie pieces inspired by different historical time periods. So this specific collection was inspired by the 16th century Elizabethan era.”

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All of her models and the subjects in her paintings are black women and women of color. She explained they’re the subjects of her art was important because rarely are women of color appreciated throughout history.

“It wasn’t a lot of women of color in photographs during that time,” she said. “That’s one of the reasons I kind of wanted to paint, like, a variety. That’s one of the twists. You see the models. I wanted to add a little more color in there.”

Nesmith has always used women of color in her art, but this time she’s showing the timeless nature of this beauty.

“She’s always been amazing,” said Aaron Nesmith, her father. Both he and Nesmith’s mother, Debra McKnight, were at the showcase and both said Nesmith has always been a creative spirit.

“Tell her about the one-piece,” said McKnight, pitching the two of them into laughter. Between giggles, Nesmith told me about the time Erin first stood out as a fashion genius. Always on the taller side, Erin had wanted to be a model most of her life. When she was just a toddler, Nesmith said she took some of McKnight’s underwear and pulled them up high, mimicking a one-piece bathing suit.

All of the models were black women and women of color which allowed designer Erin Nesmith to picture their beauty throughout history.

All of the models were black women and women of color which allowed designer Erin Nesmith to picture their beauty throughout history.

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“But if you didn’t know, it wasn’t obvious,” laughed McKnight who said Erin actually pulled off the look.

The two-hour showcase was held at the Inn on Broadway and pulled together top personalities and talent like local poet Symphonie, rapper Reggie Royale and emcee Toshman Powell. While Nesmith’s lingerie was the focus of the show, other talents shone brightly. Nesmith wanted to show off the magic of others. And after the showcase, her art was put on display for others to enjoy.

“What I’m trying to create is a lingerie line that’s exquisite and just luxurious. I want women to put on the lingerie and really feel elegant and classy. There’s a lot of rhinestones and hand beading. That’s really the main goal: create something where women can embrace all their imperfections and just look beautiful in lingerie.”

To see more of Nesmith’s work and check out her lingerie, visit her Facebook page. She teased that more paintings from this line will be released in coming weeks.

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