Care about Education? Head to Albany in January


2018 will be a major year for New Yorkers pushing for laws to change the community. From Raise the Age to the next installment of the Family Leave Act, residents and voters are hoping to impact New York’s future and make it a more progressive one.

On January 9, activists with Metro Justice and other local organizations will head to Albany to advocate for better education. A litany of recent reports show the Rochester City School District needs to do more for Special Education students and a recent report found that spending for impoverished students is half of what wealthier New York students see.

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“Parents, students and community members in Rochester are going to Albany to demand fully funded public education,” explained Mercedes Phelan an organizer of the trip from Metro Justice. “We know we need more social workers, psychologists, bi-lingual educators, socio emotional programs and professional development for the entire school community. We need more funding and are willing to fight for resources, but we want to make sure that we have a voice on how it is spent.”

From cheaper college (or help funding it) to protections in the classroom, local residents are heading to Albany to get their voices heard.

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