2017 Election Day Results


It was one of the colder days of the season, but all over Rochester, voters made their way to the polls. City voters were faced with options for mayor, city council, school board and three propositions.

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According to the Monroe County Board of Elections, Tuesday’s turnout was higher than previous years’; over a third of registered voters cast their ballot. Yesterday’s 34 percent bested 2013’s 31 percent and 2009’s 29 percent.

Mayor Lovely Warren said her Tuesday victory is was proof that her “campaign wasn’t fluke.” She also had a message for voters and “fellow democrats.”

“Our city and our county are shining bright tonight. It’s brilliantly blue tonight,” she said, before congratulating democrat winners in other office. Yesterday, Democrats caused a major upset when former Greece police chief Todd Baxter beat incumbent Sheriff Patrick O’Flynn. Full list of winners:

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    • Todd Baxter (Democratic): 91,328
    • Patrick O’Flynn (Republic, Conservative, Independent, Reform): 69,029
    • Lovely Warren (Democratic): 17,751
    • Tony Micciche (Republican, Conservative, Reform): 5,504
    • Alexander White (Green): 1,579
    • James Sheppard (Working Families, Independent) 4,140
    • Lori Thomas (The People’s): 414
    • Mitch Gruber (Democratic): 15,672
    • Malik Evans (Democratic, Working Families): 19,349
    • Jackie Ortiz (Democratic, Working Families, Independence, Women’s Equality): 20,524
    • Willie Lightfoot (Democratic): 15,194
    • Loretta Scott* (Democratic, Women’s Equality): 18,307
    • Andrew Hollister (republican, Conservative, Reform, Libertarian): 5,508
    • Anthony Giordano (Green): 1,708
    • Ronald Ring (Green): 1,387
    • Mary Lupien (Working Families): 4,863
    • Shawn Dunwoody (Working Families): 6,139
    • Pam Davis (Working Families): 3,685
    • Matt Juda (Women’s Equality): 2,100
    • Chris Edes (Reform, Libertarian): 1,459
    • Van Henri White (Democratic, Working Families): 20,009
    • Natalie Sheppard (Democratic, Working Families, Women’s Equality): 20,116
    • Cynthia Elliott (Democratic): 16,192
    • Beatriz LeBron (Working Families, Independence)
    • Proposition 1 asked voters whether they wanted a constitutional convention: 83.2% said no
    • Constitutional Amendment 2 allows judges to change the state pension if elected officials are convicted of felonies related to their duties: 72.9% said yes
    • Constitutional Amendment 3 creates a land bank so town can use them for public projects: 52% said yes

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