The First Hurdle to Debt: Your Mind

This week for Wellness Wednesday, we are looking at financial wellness to celebrate Financial Literacy month.  By: Elaine Lake Debt can be scary. How many of us just want to shove those bills into a drawer…

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The Healthier the Berry, the Sweeter the Juice
Wellness Wednesday: What Does Your Plate Look Like?
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What’s Behind Rochester’s Gun Violence?

Rochester is seeing more violence lately; is taking guns off the street enough? By: Gino Fanelli On Saturday, Nov. 7, 2015, The City of Rochester addressed it’s ongoing rise in gun violence with an anonymous…

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Beyoncé is Always in Control & Lemonade Proves It
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Young Prince Fans, We are Responsible for His Legacy
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Tuesday’s Real Loser: New York’s Voters

Embracing My Hair, Embracing Myself

By Vanessa J. Cheeks My arsenal is located in my bathroom. I have a container of Ultra Sheen hair grease for my scalp, a wide brush missing most of its bristle tips and a purple…